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At this point in time, Planet Earth is our home and as Architects, we owe responsibility to it. Water, air, earth, and fire are naturally available forces, required for living and forming our primary resources. We must protect these primary resources, for the health and longevity of our Planet and its residents. While these forces can provide great benefits, especially if utilized in a skillful way, they also have great potential for harm and destruction. Brick, for instance, as a building material, has been in use for thousands of years, and its manufacturing is an example of utilizing these naturally available forces to our benefits. And water also acts against building envelope and facades, in the form of rain, snow, hail, freezing rain, or even frost, fog, moisture, and mist. We, as architects, attempt to utilize these available resources to our benefits and apply our skills to seek protection from the harm of these natural forces. Architectural Design is a process of re-arranging existing settings, while playing with space, materials, thoughts, and imaginations. This re-arrangement is mainly done to fulfill fundamental requirements of the People and to provide them comfort, ease, and safety. Part of the built environment is shaped by the drawn lines of Architects, directly influencing People’s way of living. We must obey Codes, Zoning Regulations and Bylaw etc., but these are minimum set of standards, and as Architects, we look beyond to strive for beauty and excellence. Form and Function, apart from their mutual interaction and harmony should also respond well to the existing site and its surroundings. What we capture and showcase from within our designed places for People to see outside, is more valuable and an essence of our design philosophy.

Fulfilling our Client’s desires, turning their imagination into reality, and helping them to achieve their goals are the main characteristics of our Design Philosophy. This should be accomplished in a skillful way, not only to safeguard our Client’s interests, but also, to have functional, unique, environment friendly projects on our Planet.

It is important to protect building facades from water, but with the climate change, it is equally important now, to protect buildings from eminent threats such as flash floods. Rise in sea level is causing higher salt load in ground water, which is directly affecting building portions below ground. Carbon footprint and sustainability of buildings are important factors, yet accessibility is equally important. Moreover, safety and stability of the structures is far more important. Therefore, for us, as Architects, understanding the broader perspective, as well as the little details are paramount. Prior project research entails its relationship with the location, current time and history.

Continuing education and including new dimensions in the programming and process of design have always been our top priorities. To achieve our objectives, through Architectural Design, we also acquire support from the best available tools and devices, including latest technology, computers, and software(s). Recent development in technology has given rise to portable smart technology easily accessible at our fingertips, compelling us to design smart buildings with smart technology now.

However, throughout this wonderful ongoing journey, one fundamental question kept arising and remained unanswered for a long time, i.e., Who are the real Clients?

A Research Paper written by Firm’s owner while studying in Carleton U - Canada’s Capital University during 2009, provided answer to this fundamental question, and henceforth, became an essential part of our Design Philosophy, i.e. “Real Clients” are the “PEOPLE” who use the Buildings.

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